1983 NSS Cave Ballad Salon

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"Wild Caver" by Doug Bradford
3rd Place and 1st Place Performance, 1983 -- 2.6 MB

"On the Rope Again" by Frank Reid
1983 -- 1.8 MB

"Old Stoney Caverns" by Warren Hoemann
2nd Place and 3rd Place Performance, 1983 -- 3.9 MB

"Nights on White Nylon" by John de Boer
Honorable Mention Performance, 1983 -- 2.2 MB

"New Mexico" by Doug Bradford
1st Place, 2nd Place Performance, 1983 -- 2.2 MB

"Mingus Mountain Melody" by Warren Hoemann
3rd Place and 2nd Place Performance, 1983 -- 4.4 MB

"I Always Wanted to Be a Caver" by Janet Sowers
3rd Place, 1983 -- 2.1 MB

"Coyote Cave"
Honorable Mention Performance, 1983 -- 1.5 MB